Monday, April 5, 2010

So many books, so little time

It has been a busy semester at school, for the fifth graders and myself at graduate school! Yet, thanks to the conveniences of modern technology, I've managed to stay up on some of my reading while driving to and from work or class. If you haven't read the following titles, I more than recommend them, I insist you pick them up at your local library or bookstore and give them a try. They are just THAT good!

Firegirl by Tony Abbott -> A powerful story about a 7th grade boy who experiences what true friendship really means. Emotions run deep as the narrator details his experience getting to know "the new girl," who was badly burned in a terrible accident. When she begins 7th grade at the new school, many take their fear and turn it into rumors, hate, and lies. Yet, for a young man, he sees beyond her scars and wounded skin, and is able to see the power of a true friendship.

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson -> The incredible story of a young slave girl, Isabelle, during the time of the Revolutionary War. After the death of her mother and master Isabelle and her sister Ruth are sold to a loyalist couple in New York. Facing a new home, new people and ultimately the loss of her mother, Isabelle is forced to make difficult decisions about her own freedom. Should she risk spying on her Tory master for the Patriots in an attempt to obtain freedom for herself and Ruth? So far, I can't quite put it down.

Another incredible story of facing adversity, Yellow Star was so good I could not put it down. Young Syvia is four years old when her family is forced into the Lodz Ghetto in Poland. Approximately 27,000 Jews were held against their will behind barbed fences with limited rations and terrible working conditions. Years later, 800 survive, 12 of them children. The power of this true account of a Holocaust survivor lies in the innocent perspective of the narrator, Syvia. Written in free verse poetry, Syvia's story is guaranteed to capture your heart and remind you of the harsh conditions suffered by all throughout the Holocaust.

Some more not so serious titles-- Hank Zipzer and Shredderman.... full of fun and adventure! I loved them both!!

Happy Reading!!